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Let’s discuss together your next 3-month digital marketing strategy. We create "out of the box ideas" and we execute them to bring not only more traffic to your website, but also to increase every month the number of your paying users. Online Lead Generation have become more and more important.

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Data Scraping

We scrape and collect data for you. We are able to gather thousand of data including names, email addresses and Linkedin profiles of the people you want to target. Then we use that data for brand awareness and outreach campaigns.


Marketing Automation

We are specialized in creating an automatic marketing workflow that fits your needs. Stop wasting time in manually execute daily boring tasks. We can help you to automate your daily routine. No more hassles. No more wasted time.


No More Vanity Metrics

Say goodbye to useless numbers as fan page likes or number of monthly visitors. We can help you in reaching your real goals setting up together your KPIs, choosing the best digital channels and strategy to achieve them.

Digital Marketing Skills


Best Statistics

No more vanity metrics. Only the important numbers.


Higher Returns

We read your historic data and we optimize your website based on it.


Professional Agency

We are a group of people with expertise from design to business strategy.


Customized Plans

We offer you the most fitting pricing based on your budget and goals.

Inc. Verified Company

We are an Inc. Verified Company.


Deep Examination

We analyze all your funnels, bounce rates, CAC, user experience. Everything’s important for an online success.


Why we are different

We are experts in lead generation, data scraping, web design, digital strategy, funnel analysis, retention improvement, SEO, SEM, social media and influencer marketing.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Instagram Growth

We grow Instagram accounts organically without buying any fake followers. Thanks to a complex software we are able to daily grow Instagram accounts based on keywords, hashtags, geolocation and competitors.

Influencer Marketing

We help our clients to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. We use relevant and strategic Influencer Marketing to boost your brand’s exposure at an event, trade show, or convention.


We provide Search Engine Optimization updated to the last Google algorithm. This includes keywords difficulty and competition analysis, competitor websites analysis, SERP tracking and backlinking.


Search Engine Marketing: we create and manage advertisement on Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn using interests based, demographics and creating our own custom audiences with scraped data.

Email Marketing

We scrape and find personal emails and then we bulk email the users with a custom message and doing A/B testing to find the copy that converts the best. Emails are still on the best way to sell something online.


We install Google Analytics and MixPanel to analyze all the users behaviour and acquisition channels, in order to understand what is working and what not. We also provide funnel analysis for e-commerces and  onboarding processes.


We install tracking and conversion pixels to track all the conversions such as contact forms, purchases etc. This helps in understanding the most converting channels, increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the CAC.


We don’t only scrape data but we also develop custom bots that will repeat complex actions on websites such as send private messages or automatically reply on messages on Facebook messenger, Telegram or Slack.

Our Great Team

Alessandro Bogliari

Co-Founder and CEO

Nicla Bartoli

Co-Founder and Head of Sales

Umberto Pellegrini

Growth Marketer

Sophia Packer

Graphic Designer

Marco Pachito Calabrese

Senior Developer

Robert Black

Ads Expert

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